ResourceAbilities - Montague office


Credit Union Place


May 28, 2024


11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Inclusive Employment Symposium

Presentations include:

Utilizing AI to Reach Employment Goals

AI has been a hot topic this past year and it has big implications for the learning and development space and for job applications. Utilizing AI for learning and development helps both service providers and job seekers to make learning more efficient and accessible. You can also utilize AI to make your job applications more relevant and unique to individual job postings. This session will go over ways AI can be used in service to help job seekers reach their employment goals.
Discover how AI can revolutionize employment coaching. See how AI can be used to explore personalized learning experiences, optimize job applications, and gain career development insights. This session will start with a brief introduction on generative AI and unpacking some of the prevalent thoughts on generative AI, before diving into the practical. We encourage you to come to the session with either ChatGPT, Copilot, or Gemini downloaded on your device or bookmarked in your browser.

“No” is a Perfectly Acceptable Answer: A Dual Perspective on Professional Burnout

Ever felt “no” wasn’t an option in your life? Do you place personal value on the work you do, or the amount others need you? Join Cecilia as she shares her journey through professional burnout, struggling to come to terms with not always being the go-to person. Learn overlooked signs of burnout along with how our choices and expectations can bring a halt to life. Discover how she prioritized well-being by saying “no,” setting boundaries, and understanding personal value isn’t tied to exhaustion. In addition, Cory discusses the employer’s role in supporting an employee’s return from burnout and the impact of organizational culture on prevention and recovery. Join them to learn how saying “no” is a perfectly acceptable answer.