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CBDC Central
Summerside, PE


Mar 28, 2023


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Business Essentials Training by Workplace PEI

You are invited to join a variety of “BET” educational sessions with leading industry experts who will give you the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

Whether you are in the start-up phase or managing high growth, there will be numerous networking opportunities with people from both industry and community partners, as well as guest speakers that will discuss the Business Essentials needed to ensure your business succeeds!

March 14 – Learn to Work with Others
Working with others is almost unavoidable in the workplace. It is essential that employee/r’s work cooperatively and collaboratively with others to handle conflict, communicate, be empathetic, and respectful to others.
In this Session participants will learn the importance of working with others to complete assignments; they will gain an understanding of workplace conflict and the impact this has on workplaces; and they will gain the skills to assist them in creating a working environment that embraces and appreciates diversity.

March 28 – Motivation
The desire to set and achieve high standards on the job. The desire to be an excellent employee/r; showing a willingness to put forth the effort to excel. This can include striving for specific goals, showing initiative and self-direction without supervision.
This session should help participants be able to define what it means to be motivated and apply those skills to the workplace.

April 11 – Personal Presentation
The way a person appears to others in terms of dress and adornments, hygiene, etiquette, manners, and language. Having an awareness of and showing appropriate verbal and nonverbal behavior has major impacts in the workplace.
This session will help participants see the importance of projecting a professional image (through hygiene, etiquette, ethics, manners, and language) and demonstrate personal accountability and effective work habits (e.g. punctuality, working productively with others and time/workload management).

April 25 – Time Management
Employers want employees to have the ability to get things done effectively and efficiently; getting the right things done at the right time, within a set amount of time. They want employees who can set and follow schedules for arrival, breaks, lunch, departure, etc.; and stay on task while at work.
This session will develop the participant’s ability to set and follow priorities, properly follow schedules and stay on task in an efficient manner.

May 9 – Accountability
A person’s willingness to admit mistakes, learn from the mistake and accept responsibility, take constructive feedback, monitor the quality of their work unsupervised; and display an honest and ethical approach to work and others in the workplace.
This session will help participants take personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of their work and achieve results with little oversight.

May 23 – Communication
Communication skills are essential in every workplace. They are important for developing good working relationships and they are extremely important in ensuring employee/r’s understand a variety of workplace essentials.
This session will help participants express their thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively in verbal, non-verbal, written, and visual ways. It also reflects on active listening skills and ensuring participants notice what is being said as well as what’s not being said.