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  Immigration   Article Archives

Month/Year: June/2014 Newcomers connecting to jobs in tourism

Month/Year: April/2014 Services for French-speaking immigrants & employers needing French speaking staff

Month/Year: February/2014 Economic forecast for 2014

Month/Year: January/2014 Newcomers to PEI bring various skills to the workplace

Month/Year: March/2013 Planning for a diminishing workforce

Month/Year: March/2013 Newcomers to PEI have a lot to offer Island businesses

Month/Year: January/2013 Many local businesses talk about products, services and hiring needs

Month/Year: January/2013 Biz2Biz Expo continues

Month/Year: January/2013 Rural Action Centres offer one-stop service for small businesses

Month/Year: July/2012 Important news for job seekers & those considering self employment

Month/Year: May/2012 Volunteering, studying & working in a new country

Month/Year: May/2012 Newcomers connecting to jobs in tourism

Month/Year: April/2012 Immigrants help ease job shortages on PEI

Month/Year: February/2012 Helping Newcomers become self employed

Month/Year: May/2011 Newcomers & mature workers recruited for employment in tourism

Month/Year: March/2011 Home care workers are in high demand

Month/Year: November/2010 Francophone organization opens office in Charlottetown

Month/Year: October/2010 Helping immigrants connect with employers

Month/Year: July/2010 Job search resources at your fingertips: Help with making that connection

Month/Year: June/2010 Tourism employers recruit mature workers and newcomers

Month/Year: May/2010 Employers hiring more IT workers as their businesses grow

Month/Year: April/2010 Language school hires people with diverse backgrounds

Month/Year: April/2010 Find a job in tourism

Month/Year: April/2010 Careers in tourism

Month/Year: February/2010 Newcomers use their skills to start a new business on PEI

Month/Year: October/2009 More language training for newcomers results in need for more staff

Month/Year: August/2009 Thinking about more education or a career change?

Month/Year: May/2009 Tourism employers seek out newcomers and mature workers

Month/Year: May/2009 Shedding light on the changing workforce. Organizations help the labour force adapt to change.

Month/Year: May/2009 Attention job seekers and employers

Month/Year: February/2009 They came to PEI for education


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